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Business Questions

Business Questions

  1. Is Purr Energy Promotions a fully licensed company?

    Answer: Yes. Purr Energy was Federally Incorporated in 1993, is registered as a "wholesale company" and maintains a Business License in the province of Alberta, Canada.

  2. We are currently a Purr Energy Customer, how do we get Customer Access to your website?

    Answer:  Please call 403-291-1313 or to request Customer login password online Click HERE.
Website Function Questions

Website Function Questions

  1. How come a "Secured and Non Secured" message appears when I view your site?

    Answer: Our website is a secured with Versign (hence HTTPS://). We included the "Weather Channel" link which is a HTTP website, therefore this message will appear each time our website is viewed. In order to not receive this message/question each time; see more information Click here. 

  2. How come the prices don't change from the regular price once I've logged in as a Customer?

Answer: Go to the LOGIN/PRICE SET Tab, click the radio button $Customer's Price and then click the CHANGE button. Please note, once the price set is changed to $Customer's Prices, you can even LOGOUT and you will still be viewing in $Customer Prices.

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